Wednesday, March 3, 2010


hOLA.........came back from the beach a few days ago and I can not decide if I liked it or not. I loved the view from our hill top home that belongs to a friends daughter. Except for the pagoda like building on the left of the photo, I felt like I was on any given Island in Greece. Of course, Greece has few trees but the blue of the bay and the white of the surrounding terrace and other building suggests my fantasy. However once down in the midst of the tourist hubble bubble, that is a different story.
I am a northern California girl and I am not used to all these palapa resturants and trinkets and not being able to see the beach because the Palapa to the left and right block the view except for what is in front of you and walking on the beach is somewhat hazardous due to para sailing etc. My idea of the beach is deserted, wild, free and lots of drama from the waves and if you want to eat you have to bring a picnic. It gets stranger and stranger the longer I am on this planet. What I grew up with has long ago vanished and I have such a struggle understanding the replacements. Oh well get over it Gayle. I did like Trancones and Barra de Potisi because of the deserted aspect of the beaches there and especially Barra de Potisi because of a wide river that tried to enter into the oncoming waves of sea and the energy that created. But, clearly this was not a favorite of very many people as the one Palapa and a few others were deserted. I felt sorry for them but glad for me. Such a problem trying to figure out what is right for me and for everyone else. I know that few will agree with me but I think almost every thought we have is political and should be addressed as such since we do not live here alone. So there it is, my skewed view of the beach trip. Oh, I must tell you that the food was wonderful that we cooked our selves at the casa and unpredictable elsewhere. I loved the softness of the air and the people (Mexican) who lived there were especially friendly and smiling.