Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ok, in front this is not going to be the most positive post you may have ever read but it is what happens when slugs think.
What is she talking about? Well, I will tell you.
I came back to Pozos to try to really live here instead of trying to have a foot in both worlds. Those two worlds being the high energy of San Miquel and the tranquila of Pozos. Because I had been robbed numerous times in the Barrio I had an apartment in in San Miguel, I decided to give it up and truly live in my own payed for house and deal with myself in a way that I had been avoiding for may years. Dealing with grief and resentment and anger and confusion. So, for a year I did that and found the illusive peace that can come with this choice. BUT, turns out I slipped into Slugville in the process. Slugville for me is that place that is too comfortable, lazy, navel gazing and precludes wanting to change out of pajamas to go anywhere. So what does a slug do in these circumstance? WATCH TELEVISION...................... mostly HGTV A home design network and cooking shows. Well, as far as HGTV goes it turns out to be really scary for me. It is my definition of a horror show. Because, it is proof positive that there is very little imagination to be had in the average world. I mean, NONE. You would not believe the whining about rooms with too much stuff or rooms the wrong color or the fact that the kitchen has not stainless steel or granite work surfaces etc. Why on earth can"t these people see beyond their boring nose. Anything can be changed with some imagination. This what scares the Slug, because there seems to be so little imagination left in the world. Because, everyone seems to want the status quo or the common denominator or what ever everyone else wants. Yikessss
This concerns a Slug, because the slug is terrified of all those others, because they want to smash and/or kill the slug, because the slug is unacceptable, too yucky, too slimy etc. ect.
I mean, can you imagine that everytime someone sees you, they want to kill you or make you vanish somehow. All that negative energy coming right at you.
Ok, so it is time to change this scenario. I have decided to at least live part time in San Miguel de Allende where it is just too busy for slugs to stay in their pajamas and thus avoid the slings and arrows of outrageous blandness.
The bottom line for me is, because of television and movies and things of a similar nature; there is a serious lack of time or space for imagining. This is one of the most important aspects of childhood and is seriously lacking in the play date, turnkey world of today. Every minute must be productive and have import on the future of the child in question. I am so thankful that I had the world I grew up in, where one could dream and plan and imagine and laugh and even spend a year in Slugville. What about you?