Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Feral Community

There are many cats in Mexico and unfortunately many of them have no homes nor any food that they can count on. Mexicans in general do not care for cats, they like dogs. Cats are too suspicious for their liking and are generally shunned. Because of the cats ability to climb, jump and squirm through or over and under any obstacle, they are ever present.

I have a cat, I have always had a cat except for periods of mourning over a cat that left this reality for who knows what. My cat at present is a great friend and very affectionate and extends that friendliness to all other cats it comes into contact with. This means that he (Farruco) shows any cat looking for food and lodging how to climb the right tree to gain access to his food bowl that he does not feel needs defending. This is a problem for me because I spend far to much money on cat food for a cat or cats that are not mine, and even worse they, because they have not been altered, spray my entire house, marking it as theirs. I think I could handle the food thing were it not for the spraying. At any rate I keep thinking of ways to block their entrance which then means my own cat has no access to the real world. Or, even worse, I think of how I can trap them and take them some where else. The best scenario is a vet who will fix them so there will not be more helpless, starving lonely cats. This is difficult as they are very hip to all human efforts to entrap or otherwise mess with their world.

Now comes the reason for this blog. I understand these cats as I have so often in this life felt like a feral cat. Creeping around the edges of society and what is deemed the civilized world, I have felt that I needed to grab what ever I could when I could, although I wished for more. I have so often left what ever comfort I had found for some other adventure and been unavailable for real human intimacy for fear of what that might cost me. I have wanted what domestication promises but have always mistrusted what I would lose. I understand these cats and it prevents me from doing much more then just wishing they would find some other source of sustenance and move on.

So then, I start thinking of the link between the original Gitano population out of India and eventually strongly represented in the Andalusian part of Spain and all that has happened to them and why. I see that they were and are the feral beings of this world and that is why their song and their music speaks for my heart and my soul.

Their is a movie I just saw the other night that is in no way about cats, or feral people but it is about a similar situation UP IN THE AIR. Worth seeing, if this subject interests you.