Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bloger Rain..................like many before me, there have been many references to the amount of rain we are having in a period known to have no rain. It is like California rain at an appropriate time, however it is not. If it rains now like it does it California then what is it going to do in June or July when the farmers depend upon it. Crops do not grow in rain just because it is raining, it needs warmth and there in none. So what happens? I am hoping and praying that this is just a blink in the weather pattern. But what if it is not? What happens to Mexico and its dependence on its crops. Does the earth know that this is not to be relied upon or what? I worry, but I worry about a lot of thing that happen to the earth, as she is our mother and she like all mother has her moods and reactions. So great we do not have to water as much as we would normally but what of June or July or the whole summer. What will grow and how will the animals be fed? Just a thought and not a very cherry one. Sorry