Friday, October 23, 2009


This is a property in Pozos; it goes back at least 300 to 400 years. It shows the usual influence of the Spanish and of course the Arabic influence upon them. It is an appropriate picture at this moment because my home in California is going to be Auctioned on November 9th. I look at this photo I took years ago because I loved the moorish influence and wanted, at the time a home that mirrored this architecture. I now have a home here that at least has some walls that goes back that far, but more importantly to me, has a garden that mirrors that long ago time.

It seems that in retrospect, that I have left a trail of gardens that begin in 1975 in Sauasalito, California and spread their trail from there to at least 6 other spaces between there and Humbolt County, Calif. Now here there is another, but it is only 4 years old and is still promising so much more. I think of Santa Rosa, and my house on the "proverbial block" and that garden goes back to the turn of the 20th century. I planted, as I did here in Mexico, everything that caught my eye at this and that nursery and hoped for the best. The best was splendid, but the very best was what came up that had been planted so long ago that even the lady that knew the origianl owners (way back when) did not even know the heritage. The Garden continued to surprise me with its gifts of surprise and wonder. It is this I miss and worry about, in terms of new owners, greed, auctions etc. who will care who was there and what their dreams may have been?
So yet another garden, and given my age, it may be my last, and yet another trail and what I have left behind.


  1. All your gardens that I've seen... ( more than just a few!) have been wild, wonderful, and specially magical. Well do I remeber Voodoo Queen........