Friday, October 16, 2009

Posting from Pozos

Hola, this is my courtyard in the Central Highlands of Mexico. My home is in the semi ghost town of Minerale de Pozos in the State of Guanajuato. I ended up here 5 years ago as a result of my inability to handle one more minute of the Bush Administration. Originally I fell in love with San Miguel de Allende, which lies about 45 minutes from Pozos. Unfortunately, it seemed everyone else was in love with it also. Feeling a bit hemmed in by too many people and just as many automobiles, buses and trucks; I decided to investigate what I had heard was a ghost town in the higher ground overlooking the valley that sweeps down and then up again to become San Miguel. I had heard about Pozos from the wonderful book on this area of Mexico written by Tony Cohen called On Mexican Time. I call it a semi ghost town because although there are ghosts in and about the enchanted adobe ruins of this town and time that stuggles to be remembered; there are at present 7000 flesh and blood residents and of those perhaps 15 full time expats like myself and then maybe 30 more part timers who come and go through out the year.

It is my intention with this blog to write about what life is like here as I understand it and to hopefully be one more voice that encourages anyone who can escape the talking heads and scare tactics media, that Mexico is full of wonders and enchantment and unless you are dealing drugs or fond of the border towns, It is as safe as anywhere in the world (if safe is a meaningful word for you). This is a test run for blogging for me and so ends my first post.


  1. It looks great! I like the black background and it is easy to read. Go Gayle.........

  2. Yay! The Cloud Chaser Speaks!
    So...Then what happened?
    Tell us more about those ghosts.
    I hope they didn't all die mining for silver.
    It would be nice to hear about a romance....even if one of the past, about your cats, and something of Flamenco!

    I'm still dreaming about a visit. Will let you know as that becomes something of a reality in my mind. Having shifted to a cash economy, which I've always had great respect for, we shall see if in wrangling winter, I'm able to catch a rapid through your enchanting world.

    My house entered escrow today...for the shortsale. I'm pleased to move on from that obligation...and that bank! They tried to force me to pay them what they called a "Contribution" of $2000 before they'd agree to the close. When I refused they said it was a requirement! They would make it possible by allowing me to sign a soft note of $ be paid over many months. I thought, hmmm...requirement huh? How 'bout Fuck You!
    Of course I chose my words a little more delicately. They said...Well-ok...the buyer has waded through enough of our games. Never mind!
    Sheesh. For anyone coming from my position, don't let them push you around with their scare tactics. They're the ones that killed our market and caused our property values to decrease by 60%! Ok...enough on politics.

    Tonight I'll visit our local farmer's market in Occidental, then to see a couple of bands with a friend. I'm plotting a party. Will send you an invite, just in case you decide you miss Goat Rock and have to come...and to see the pretty artwork I found.

    Kissiz and Kissiz Madame Chaser!
    Love from the green lands of the North...where we just had a 4 inch storm!

  3. hi gayle!

    how fun that you have started a blog! i will "follow" you and be happy to give you my comments when i see you next tuesday evening.

    laurel de leo

  4. So happy to find your blog and OMG but your garden has transformed since I last saw it. Your home is such a delight and a wonderful reflection of your creative, beautiful soul.