Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seems like California today

There is a hurricane coming off the Pacific and although I have not been able to bring up a computer image of its path, I am guessing it is swirling up the Mexican coast and then down through the Central Highlands. It is a very blustery and semi rainy day today, as it was yesterday. I have built my first fire of the season yesterday and need another today. It feels so much like January or February in Northern California where lived most of my life, I am surprised when I look out of my windows here and see Adobe walls and cobblestones,cactus and spanish inspired iron work. It is Sunday and usually there are lots of families and tourists visiting Pozos, today there are very few. It is almost as quiet as it is in the late evening and predawn hours. I almost always wake up in the middle of the night to absolute silence. This amazes me as there are over 7000 people in this village. What ever sounds do break through the darkness are always of the nature variety. My favorite are the donkeys/burros, always with a complaint about something. There is one that had me fooled for years, his favorite time is early morning at day break and his complaints are heartbreaking. You would think that he must carry concrete, dirt or bags upon bags of firewood everyday for his daily ration of alfalfa as so many of his friends must do. But no, he lives with his wife a life to be envied by all beasts of burden in a lovely paddock shaded by ancient Pepper trees and many choices in the gourmet donkey deli of the surrounding fields. Perhaps they are not complaining at all, it is just the tone of their communication. I have grown very fond of listening to them either at midnight or morning. I love imagining what they may be saying to each other or to other donkeys nearby. Thus is my amusement on any given day of my Mexican life.


  1. I'm loving your enthusiasm - carving out your sapce - so reminicient . . . how you've always taken hold & made everythign grow - from gardens to dances to plays.Once again. Bravo! R

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