Monday, December 28, 2009



It was I think, 2 weeks ago my mexican family that lives in Pozos took me to their Granja (farm) outside of the town that they have had for about 2 years, growing wheat, alfalfa, tomatoes and squash. They also have numerous animals, pigs and piglets, horses, cows, goats, chickens and turkeys and at the moment mucho abborados (lambs) last count was 30 new bebes. Out of these 30 babies, one is black. Does the mama feed it...............NO. Does the community of lambs accept it ...........NO. Raul the patriarch of this family that I love, feeds it 3 times a day with the proverbial bottle. This poor lost lamb thinks Raul is Mama. Yet at night when all are bedded down with family and warm and toasty together. The black baby sleeps alone and bleats it's lonliness in into the very cold night air.
So I was thinking, (some could say I was transfering) damn what terrible luck to be born alone and unwanted, fed only to be eventually Leg of Lamb for someones Comida. Bada Bing. So on Christmas Eve I hatched this plot, what if I bought the lamblet on the proviso that he could never be sold or roasted, as he was already sold. Today I bought the lamb. He of course does not know how close he came, but I do and it gives me so much pleasure. I am telling you all this because when the penny dropped, I realized this is where" the black sheep of the family" concept comes from. From farming and knowing that animals and most people have a problem accepting what is different and most especially if and when it is black. No I do not have an ax to grind because I am black, I am as Arayn as they come. However, I do have an ax to grind as it were, for all people and animals that are abused because they are different. Viva la difference.

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  1. Oh, I love that you bought the lamb. I almost thought you were going to bring it to your house. Much better to buy it and leave it in the pasture. Poor little guy...what a metaphor!