Sunday, December 20, 2009


It seems like years that i have been waiting for Christmas, like a child waiting for Santa.

For years it has been alluding me or so it seems. It has not been in my heart and therefore not available to me.

This year, I found it. It is actually a geographical place. It is in the San Juan de Dios market. Many streets are closed to normal traffic and are full of stands and huts full of Christmas wonderment.
Fir branches, bromalaids , green speckled orchids, moss and the most amazing Creches made of moss and branches, just begging for the holy family. Then there are stalls with ribbon of every color and design, baby Jesus, and all the attendant cast of characters that you can imagine. I love it, it is so innocent and hopeful and so part of what Mexico Christmas is all about: with out Santa and all the attendant Christmas Sales Hustle. Although I am sure that what they sell in this two week period is very important to their ability to feed their families. I want to buy something from everyone, just so it will be worth their while and their dreams. My favorite, is the moss and orchid lady: her wares are everywhere, and now in of all places, in my bathroom. They look best there. Trust me.

I remember my childhood and what I looked forward to and hoped for in Christmas. It was alway Magic or at least the possibilty ot it. I still look forward to that possibilty and promise. It has often alluded me in these more jaded years of innui and and "I am too hip for this riff" bullshit. I want, and have always wanted what I remember about Christmas. When you could look into a shiney christmas ball on the tree and see another world where the family was happy and together and all was Merry and Bright. I remember at the age of 10 or 11 coming down the stairs in the middle of the night to see what my parents or maybe even Santa had left for me and all of us. It was the very esscesne of what Christmas is to me. The light off the tree was of another world, not electric, just the ambiant light of what was in the midnight sky, shiney, extremely quiet and waiting. I stood there wondering what was in all the packages and there was a rush of air past me that I knew in my heart, was the rush of an Angels wings passing thru the room and blessing me with all that I had hoped for then and now. I belive this to be true and I pass this on to all of you with love and the hope that you to feel that rarifed air pass by your life this Christmas. Love, Gayle


  1. Gayle, this message really touched me. I am going to share it with my friends and family. Merry Christmas and thank you for this early gift. Love, Zara

  2. What a lovely message! I will wait that I might, too, be touched by angel wings.

  3. alluding/alluded ... Ahem!

    allude (is to refer)

    elude (is to escape)

    Yep, same old bastard, still catching you on the details. (LOL)