Sunday, May 30, 2010

Inside The Human Heart

Some times what doctors ask begins a trip into the land of terror. Thus, it was with this in mind that I reluctently went 45 miles down from San Miguel to Queretero to a hospital with the name Place de la Curezon or something similar. It was there that I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was right up there with sex and other life altering events of my life.

I have spent my whole life taking my heart for granted, just like all the other organs in my body.You do your thing I will do my mine. The great Cosmic HA comes to mind now that I write those words.

It was because it was on TV very similar to this is your life Gayle McClure or what ever you are calling your self of late. There in black and white was my very hard working valiant heart pumping away as it has been for 73 years now. I was prepared for thump a dump and similar sounds that is the heart of all music, but I was not prepared for the squish squish off beat nor the occasional gaggle of geese that flew by with their honk honk sounds, It was and I am sure it is a whole universe captured within each of us. Seeing it move in its rythmic patterns and fluid movement was somewhat like looking at the universe and all its mysteries. At one point it looked like a jellyfish or a squid moving away from something ( probably me). I immediately wanted to make a piece of art from what I was seeing and feeling.

I will never stop thinking of it and what it looked like and its determination to do its job regardless of my lack of cooperation. I kept looking for wounded places, places that were broken or had healed as best they could, showing scars and tears. I asked the doctor if he could tell how many times my heart had been broken..........he laughed but did not answer. It matters not, I know. My heart keeps its secrets.

So, if you ever have to have a sonogram or whatever it was on your heart, look forward to a journey into the very mystery of life and know that you are connected thru your heart to all that is and ever will be. It is the BIG BANG.


  1. dearheart.......what a hearfelt discovery?! but in truth the beat goes on....and on....and onnnnnnnnn heart of my hearts......lita 'n schnapps

  2. Wow, dear heart, bring it over to San Cristobal some time. LOVE,Kat

  3. Beautifully, beautifully written!

    I had that done and never had the thoughts or feelings that you did.........see you're such an artiste, me, not so much.